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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual Diagnosis is a co-occurring disorder; it means that the effected individual is suffering from substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc) plus a behavioral or mental disorder.

Treatment At Alabama Rehab Center.

Being mentally ill and addicted to a substance like alcohol or drugs can create havoc on one’s life. We at Alabama rehab center understand this more than anyone else. Our medical staffs are well trained in the best practices, methodology, and administration of dual diagnosis care to handle any complications.

Alabama rehab center

The reality is that mental health services aren’t very accommodating to dual diagnoses patients; however programs at Alabama rehab center give patients the comprehensive care they need to defeat addiction and manage their mental illness in a healthy and productive way.

Even though things may appear bleak at the moment, help is available for both your addiction and any mental health disorders that are causing you to struggle. To speak to our expert advisor on this matter and obtain help in finding a behavioral disorder recovery solution, please contact us today at 205-206-5593.